Small Business Investment Opportunities in Greece II

business investment

Dry Cleaning Services and the Launderette Business

Hotels in Greece generate large profits due to large numbers of tourists, and dry cleaners and launderette owners can cooperate with these hotels on a continuous basis to keep their business profitable. Hotels in Greece make even contracts with launderettes and dry cleaners, which indicates stability of the business. If you can secure more major clients, you will soon count to the wealthy ones.

Restaurants and Bars Near the Beach

As we all know, this business can never go down, realistically speaking. Who does not like to relax near the beach in a good restaurant with delicious food and beverages when on vacation? A wide variety of national and international food will keep people coming back for more.

Marble Business

Enter the marble business and become one of the exquisite marble dealers. This is particularly attractive because the business does not require any licensing which means that no administrative hindrances are going to be in your way. Look for partners in the real estate business who can always put in a good word for you and recommend you to clients who want to redecorate.

Online Business Opportunities

The whole world has gone crazy about online shopping which is ten times more convenient than actually going to the store to buy something. An online shop is the new trend, and the online business is also flourishing in Greece. Make an effort to advertise your shop properly which will bring you in dozens of clients (locals and tourists).

Greece is a beautiful country offering various business possibilities and lucrative income options. Old, traditional businesses, like ship companies and fishery, are still very popular and actually at their peak, while new industries are being developed based on the market needs and technological improvements.