Small Business Investment Opportunities in Greece I

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With a population of 11 million and a popular geographic location, Greece is the beating heart of Southern Europe. Greece can be easily reached from Asia and Africa by sea which is important for the economy, especially the transport sector. The Greek nation widely uses English along with their mother tongue.

The weather is warm and sunny for the most part of the year, and Greece is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Moreover, the service or tertiary sector in Greece accounts for 85% of the total GDP. Greece is a developed country, and its economy is the 15th largest economy in the Eurozone. Alongside tourism, the banking sector is the second most significant economic contributor, closely followed by the agricultural industry, exports, and telecommunications.

When regarding investment opportunities in the culturally rich country, there are numerous possibilities which could make for a nice living.


As we said, tourism is the dominant economic contributor, and being a tourist guide really pays off. Tourist guides make the big bucks in the country. Learn about the history of the country, the top tourist destinations, get familiar with the abundant Greek culture and you are good to go. One more asset important for guides is to learn two or more languages to rank higher in the sector.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

This industrial sector has been developing rapidly in Greece lately. Enter the business as a retailer or distributor of pharmaceuticals. The industry and the law require a license for retail or wholesale to be able to do business in the country. Secure the license and seize the opportunity to develop from a retailer to a manufacturer if you know the business and if you have a hand to invest wisely.

Cruiser and Ship Entrepreneurship

The ship and cruiser industry remains on the top of the list of profitable businesses in Greece. This is only logical for a tourist country with a gorgeous seaside. Still, starting in the industry is not that easy considering the costs of boats and the usually high maintenance costs. A lot of capital is needed to start the business, but if you have it, you can earn a fortune with the idea. Of course, tourists should be the main target group, but locals also engage in cruises and boat tours, so you can establish good local connections to make a name in the industry.

Frozen Products Sales

The fishery is very popular in Greece, and you can use it to your advantage by setting up your own cold room or rooms to sell frozen fish, along with frozen chicken and turkey. The business is booming in Greece and it brings in real money. The business can be extended to wholesales by ensuring big regular clients like restaurants and hotels. Big clients are the key if you want to be a top supplier.

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